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video marketing

Conversational e-commerce and live shopping

A new way for vendors to engage customers visually, delivering the power of PERSUASION through personal interaction, like the real-world shopping experience

Human-centric selling

Sales agent live presence

Human-centric selling

Unlike the real-world shopping, modern e-commerce is missing the power of human contact – personal interaction with customers that enables the salespeople to:

  • Overcome cynicism, skepticism and procrastination
  • Augment customers’ opinion about products
  • Influence their decision to buy (the critical last mile)
  • Get insights into preferences and buying behaviors

Video and live marketing

Customer engagement

EVAS Sales is a powerful video marketing, customer engagement, and live shopping solution for large and small vendors that is changing the e-commerce

  • Boost conversion rates, leads and sales
  • Increase margins by selling direct
  • Improve brand appeal and customer loyalty
  • Increase repeat purchase and reduce return rate
Customer engagement

Conversion rate

Compared to only 2% in e-commerce without live sales



Compared to e-commerce without live sales


Product return

Compared to e-commerce without live sales


Repeat purchase

Compared to e-commerce without live sales

Give your customers
an incredible experience!

How it works

With engaging video content, such as live and recorded shoppable podcasts, tutorials, and commercials, encourage your website visitors to contact your live sales reps, who can then inform and persuade them to close the deal

How it works


With just a single line of code, you can instantly add all the powerful features of EVAS Sales to your websites, landing pages, and other customer-facing online assets


Readily embeddable modules that provide the customer-facing interfaces and deliver the platform capabilities


Multi-cam, multi-host, HD quality broadcasting of instant, scheduled, and reoccurring live events


Simultaneous broadcasting of live events to your own web assets, as well as Facebook, YouTube, and others

Videos (VOD/OTT)

Distribute your podcasts, tutorials, ads, and other recorded content to your viewers on demand


Customizable playlists of your video content and promos of upcoming streams that your visitors can watch

Meeting spaces

Fully featured e-meetings integrated into the sales flow where the reps can visually engage with clients


Multilingual, localized, and customizable customer-facing interfaces with configurable business logic

Dynamic branding

Set a branding profile for each of your brands or websites to provide a consistent A-Z user experience

In-meeting videos

Play video content for visitors, such as greetings and promotions, as soon as they enter a meeting space

Business hours

Set the operating hours of your virtual storefronts when your sales reps can e-meet the clients

Live previews

Provide a live preview of your events or your sales reps to break the ice and promote visitor engagement

Visitor privileges

Configure what your visitors can access in the meeting space, such as chat, video, polls, or other features

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Personal account

Start using Evas free

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Business account

Hear what our customers say

Christie's International is the global real estate authority, with over 250 years of unsurpassed luxury services and clients in more than 50 countries. Using EVAS, we were able to instantly launch our multi-media advertisement.

Luxury Homes Specialists

Christie’s International Real Estate

OmniPERFORM is the first neuro-marketing advertisement agency. We are focused on adding a layer of excellence in all the digital marketing campaigns by using neuroscience algorithms. EVAS has been a great business partner and a good addition to our services.

Adrian E. (CEO)


We are Bahrein's authorized general distributor for Mercedes-Benz. With a commitment to offering the finest client experience, we strive for innovation. EVAS gave us a true advantage in our digital marketing and online sales.

Mohammed M. (Digital Marketing)

Al Haddad Motors (Mercedes-Benz)

Saddik & Mohamed Attar is a global network of official Rolex retailers who sell and service Rolex and Tudor watches. We are happy to have reached a new milestone in our sales efforts using EVAS solutions, and we will continue to grow stronger together.

Shaikha M. (Brand Manager)

Rolex - Saddik & Mohamed Attar Co.

Established in 2007, PIATRAONLINE is a global supplier of natural stone products sourced from India, Brazil, and Spain. Discussing the needs and advising our clients is an important part of our sales process. This is where EVAS has given our sales team a clear advantage.

Marius Panait (Digital Solutions)


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