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EVAS Sales

EVAS combines video-on-demand and streaming with comprehensive real-time customer engagement to create a highly effective human-centric marketing and sales solution

No coding

EVAS offers a variety of ready-to-use embeddable modules that can be integrated into your web assets with a single line of code to deliver powerful customer-facing functionality


Readily embeddable modules that provide the customer-facing interfaces and deliver the platform capabilities


Multi-cam, multi-host, HD quality broadcasting of instant, scheduled, and reoccurring live events


Simultaneous broadcasting of live events to your own web assets, as well as Facebook, YouTube, and others

Videos (VOD/OTT)

Distribute your podcasts, tutorials, ads, and other recorded content to your viewers on demand


Customizable playlists of your video content and promos of upcoming streams that your visitors can watch

Meeting spaces

Fully featured e-meetings integrated into the sales flow where the reps can visually engage with clients


Multilingual, localized, and customizable customer-facing interfaces with configurable business logic

Dynamic branding

Set a branding profile for each of your brands or websites to provide a consistent A-Z user experience

In-meeting videos

Play video content for visitors, such as greetings and promotions, as soon as they enter a meeting space

Business hours

Set the operating hours of your virtual storefronts when your sales reps can e-meet the clients

Live previews

Provide a live preview of your events or your sales reps to break the ice and promote visitor engagement

Visitor privileges

Configure what your visitors can access in the meeting space, such as chat, video, polls, or other features

Reoccurring events

Livestreams can be scheduled to repeat a number of times or repeat on specific dates, days of the week, or months

Event promotions

Promote future livestreams in your playlists with promo videos, overlay banners, and pre-stream thumbnails

Multi-part events

Create multi-part events by combining multiple stream sessions, podcasts, and uploaded videos


Scalable to hundreds of participants, fully featured one-time, reoccurring, breakout, and instant virtual meetings

Collab tools

Shared e-docs, whiteboards, polls, public and private chat, transcribing, and other collaboration tools


Get dedicated domestic, international, and toll-free phone numbers and dial in and out of the meetings


Allow your administrators and users to login using their Okta, OneLogin, Facebook or Google credentials

Visitor screening

Before allowing visitors to contact your sales reps, verify the validity of their emails or phone numbers


Create a virtual waiting room where visitors can wait until a sales rep admits them to a meeting space

Role delegation

Safely delegate your full account administration or only certain tasks to another user in your organization

Cloud recording

Record and store your livestreams and virtual meetings in the cloud ready for VOD/OTT distribution

Agent stats

Collect information for evaluating the performance of your sales reps, such as talking time, and other metrics

Configurable flows

Configure customer-facing flows to accommodate different sales scenarios and third-party integrations

Conditional routing

Rout your visitors to live sales reps based on conditions, such as work hours, skills, topics, and other criteria


Coming soon: appointment scheduling with live sales reps for new and returning customers

Frequently Asked Questions


EVAS Sales offers pre-built, customizable, readily embeddable modules that provide customer-facing functionality and interfaces. You can integrate the embeddings in your web assets where the platform’s functionality is required. Whether it is your website or the landing page of a marketing campaign, only a single line of code is required to deploy an embedding with all the out-of-the-box functionality.


EVAS can assist new clients in integrating EVAS Sales into the customer’s web infrastructure as well as the marketing strategy. We can also help train your sales agents and account administrators to effectively use the solution. Contact your account executive or our support team for more information.


Different customer journey flows can be configured depending on a use case. Third-party customer survey solutions can be easily integrated (no coding required) at different points of the customer journey.


The customer-facing embeddable modules currently support English, French, German, Romanian, Ukrainian, Russian, and Spanish. We are working on adding other languages. The in-meeting interfaces support multiple languages, among them French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Romanian, and others. English is the only language currently supported in the management portal.


All data in flight is secured with DTLS and SRTP, and data at rest is AES-256 encrypted. Though EVAS is not intended for medical use, our data storage practices meet the standards for sensitive patient data storage (HIPAA) and GDPR data protection and privacy laws (see our Privacy Policy for details). EVAS is using SOC2 certified datacenters, and it is currently in the process of obtaining ISO/IEC 27001, 27017, 27018 certifications.


We are helping our clients to do their work quickly and securely. If you have questions about our products, please contact our support team at support@eval.live. If you are an existing customer, you can open a support request in your user portal or contact your account executive. Our standard support is available 7 days a week, and an average response time is 24 hours. Contact your account executive to learn about our premium support plans. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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